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November 06: On This Day

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November 06: Sir William Boog Leishman’s (1865–1926)Birthday

  • Leishman was a famous bacteriologist and pathologist
  • Born in Glasgow on 6 November 1865
  • An army medical officer studied tropical diseases in India
  • In 1900 Leishman identified the causative parasite of kala-azar or Dum-dum fever. During that time Kala Azar caused the deaths of 7,50,000 people
  • He developed a vaccine against typhoid fever and used during World War I
  • In 1901 Leishman modified ‘Romanovsky’s stain’, rendering the diagnosis of malaria much easier, especially in the tropics, where facilities were often limited. This method was called ‘Leishman stain’ and this led to the discovery of the parasite of kala-azar (Leishmania donovani).

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