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November 23: On This Day

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November 23: On This Day –  Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose Remembrance

  • Died 23 Nov 1937 at age 78 (born 30 Nov 1858)
  • Jagadish Chandra Bose, an exceptional man, a physicist, botanist and a pioneer in radio science 
  • Started Bose Institute in 1917
  • Invented wireless telegraphy in 1895 and had also held a demonstration of his experiment. But he did not file for a patent.
  • He invented highly sensitive instruments for the detection of minute responses by living organisms to external stimuli
  • Bose’s Galena detector was the first semiconductor device and photovoltaic cell
  • Sir Neville Mott, Nobel laureate, noted “J.C. Bose was at least 60 years ahead of his time”
  • He had anticipated the existence of P-type and N-type semiconductors during those days
  • He also designed the earliest waveguide and Horn Antenna, an integral part of present day microwave engineering and astronomy.  

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