Karnataka Science and Technology Academy

Department of Science and Technology, Government of Karnataka

Awards for Innovations by General Public

  • Exemplary innovations / solutions emanating from Science & Technology or any segment of economy that have helped transform the lives of people, particularly in rural areas or have enabled enterprises and employment would be recognised every year.
  • Applicant innovators would be Karnataka origin (by birth or domicile), located anywhere in the world.


  • Award carrying a Cash prize of Rs 10,000 and a Certificate
  • An Expert Committee of the Academy will scrutinise the entries and forward the list of best innovations in each category to the Executive Committee by December every year.
  • The announcement of the awards shall be placed on the KSTA website and awards distributed at the KSTA Annual Conference

How to Apply

  • The announcement of awards: In the month of August 2021
  • Interested persons shall submit a summary of their innovations along with the prescribed application form, within three months time; Nominations also must be accompanied by relevant documents

Application Form (available after announcement)

word format

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