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November 05: On This Day

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November 05: JBS Haldane‘s Birthday

  • Born on 5 November 1892 in Oxford
  • Research work of this British-Indian scientist paved the way for research in evolutionary biology and many other branches of science.
  • His father, John Scott Haldane, was a renowned physiologist.
  • Despite not having any formal degree in the sciences, he published mathematical papers on Darwinian evolution, suggested the basic idea of IVF technology and cloning, and worked in the field of population genetics, transcending the traditional boundaries of various disciplines.
  • He was ready to go to any extent for research, even if it meant inhaling poisonous gases to study their effect on human biology.
  • Through self-experimentation, he studied the effect of inhaling toxic mixtures of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide on human physiology under varying atmospheric pressures and temperatures, which became instrumental in marine and space research.
  • He joined the Indian Statistical Institute in (Kolkata) in 1957 as a research professor and worked there till 1961. He later moved to Odisha with the aim of building an Institute for Genetics and Biometry.
  • In 1964, Haldane died of cancer. Ever dedicated to research, he had already decided to donate his body.

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