Karnataka Science and Technology Academy

Department of Science and Technology, Government of Karnataka

Emeritus Consultants

In the context of increasing emphasis on Public-Private Partnerships and Government-Corporate collaboration to address emerging challenges, KSTA proposes to create a pool of experts in the disciplines indicated below.

  • Academicians, Researchers, Engineers and Technicians, of Karnataka origin (by birth or domicile), with proven track record in public, corporate, private institutions or own industries, including those retired from active service, willing to  provide their expertise and services to upcoming enterprises, start ups or mentor  the new entrants into industry, in the disciplines mentioned below
  • KSTA would invite Expression of Interest on the website in the month of August every year to register with the Academy and share their knowledge in Conferences, Workshops, Certificate courses, Training programmes, Webinars organized by the Academy from time to time, with honoraria as per extant provisions
  • Interested persons may provide their biodata for consideration by an Experts Committee and placed before the Executive Committee by December every year
  • Need-based Consultancy services with match making between the demand and the expertise of the Emeritus Consultants, with tripartite agreements between the   KSTA, Consultants and the Enterprise

Portfolio of Science Domains

Agricultural Sciences

Including Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, Forestry, Agricultural Toxicology, Soil Sciences, Plant Protection, Post Harvest Technology, Agricultural Engineering

Animal Sciences

Including Structural, Developmental, Functional, Genetics, Ecological, Behavioural, Taxonomical and Evolutionary Aspects

Biochemistry, Biophysics, Biotechnology

Chemical Sciences

Including Analytical, Inorganic, Organic, Physical, Theoretical Chemistry, Applied Chemistry

Earth Sciences

Including Atmospheric Sciences, Geo-Sciences, Oceanography, Geography

Engineering Sciences and Engineering Technology

Including Engineering and Engineering Science, Chemical and Material Technology, Electronics & Telecommunication, Information Technology, Instrumentation

Mathematical Sciences

Including Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Computer / Information Science

Medical & Forensic Sciences

Including Basic and Clinical Medical Sciences, Pharmacology, Anthropology, Psychology and Forensic Sciences, Human genetics, Reproduction Biology, Neurosciences, Molecular Medicine

Physical Sciences

Including Astronomy, Astrophysics, Experimental and Theoretical Physics, Applied Physics

Plant Sciences

Including Structural, Developmental, Functional, Genetics, Ecological, Taxonomical and Evolutionary Aspects

Science & Society

Including Philosophy of Science, History of Science, Ethics, Science Policy, Science & Technology based entrepreneurship, S & T Management, Popularization of Science

Social Sciences

Including Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Communication, Home Science

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