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From Chairman’s Desk: December 31, 2021

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As the year 2021 draws to a close, there are mixed feelings of triumphs and losses. Management of Covid-19 pandemic through S&T tools, including the new generation vaccines received all round applause. Medical science coupled with IT demonstrated the power of science, that came to be appreciated in every household. Along with were also other natural disasters of cyclones and prolonged rains, proving the climate change projections. The UNFCCC Climate Change Meet as CoP 26 at Glasgow, UK during October-November, 2021 once again brought to focus the imminent need for mitigation measures, both globally and locally. The Nobel Prize, 2021 in Physics also recognized the scientists in the area of fundamental research relating to temperature and climate change. The Academy, as in the previous year, organized a Nobel Prize Laureate Lecture series, with eminent scientists speaking on the recipients as well as the subjects.

In order to provide a reference document with regard to the capacities of the State for various stakeholders, KSTA brought out the ‘R&D Profile of Karnataka’. The National Conference on ‘Fruits and Vegetables for Health and Nutrition’ commemorating the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables was a major event during the quarter. An Expert Consultation on ‘Mucormycosis Management’ was held, along with the Lecture series for PUC Students under the Talent Search programme.

The Executive Committee of the KSTA had met during the quarter. The guidance and inputs received from the Members are gratefully acknowledged.

– S. Ayyappan

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