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Annual KSTA Conference

The Annual State level conference is the major event of KSTA, with a current theme of Science, Technology & Innovation and multidisciplinary side events of seminars, interaction sessions and exhibitions. This also provides a platform for creating awareness among general public with regard to applications of science and technology in different sectors of the societal development. Insightful talks by leading scientists and scholars on various science and technological developments as well as harnessing S&T applications for sustainable development of the state are organized during different sessions of the Conference. The focal theme, sub themes, venue and speakers shall be decided by the Executive Committee of the KSTA, with inputs from all stakeholders. This major event of the Academy is slated during the period of February every year


  • To bring awareness about contribution of science and technology for human welfare among different cross sections of civil society
  • To create interest in scientific and technological developments among officers of line departments, teaching faculty and research scholars
  • To foster innovations and understanding of scientific advancements
  • To popularize utilization of advanced technological tools in various sectors of the economy for the overall development of the state
  • To felicitate eminent scientists and recognize talents for their contribution to S&T developments in the state as well as the country


  • During the conference of 2-3 days, distinguished talks will be organized by inviting renowned scientists and eminent technologists on various topics covering frontiers of science and technology for delegates to broaden the horizon of their knowledge. Conference delegates include teaching faculty, research scholars and Post Graduate students of various Universities, officers of government line departments, scientists from research institutes as well as science writers and a few interested general public in the State
  • The conference will also provide a platform for delegates to present their ideas and research outcomes in the form of research poster presentations. The posters could be presented on any aspects related to physical & mathematical sciences; chemical sciences; life sciences; interdisciplinary sciences and engineering sciences (including all branches) by Scientists/Researchers, Teaching Faculty and Post Graduate/ Research Students of the State. A compendium of selected abstracts with ISBN number will be brought out and circulated to all the delegates during the conference
  • The local innovations and ITKs (Indigenous Technical Knowhow) will be showcased in the Conference
  • To encourage excellence in scientific research, the best posters will be evaluated by a panel comprising Members of the Executive Committee of KSTA and experts with regard to originality, objectivity, utility and presentation. Cash prizes in each category such as physical & mathematical sciences; chemical sciences; life sciences; interdisciplinary sciences and engineering sciences are: First prize: Rs 15,000/-; Second prize: 10,000/-; and two Consolation Prizes: Rs 5,000 each
  • Guidelines for Submission and Evaluation of Abstracts and Posters:
    • A committee of experts from different branches of science and technology for screening of abstracts as well as to classify them into physical & mathematical sciences; chemical & life sciences; interdisciplinary sciences and engineering sciences (including different branches of engineering). Further, separate IDs are to be given for each poster
    • Poster presentation competition is to be restricted to UG & PG students and doctoral/research scholars. Further, it is suggested that the first author should invariably be a student (UG, PG or Ph.D.) or a young researcher.
    • Authors of selected abstracts may be invited to showcase their research posters in the conference
    • Self-certification/declaration from authors stating that the submitted abstract/poster was not published elsewhere shall be obtained. In addition, authors have to be instructed to specify under which discipline (such as physical & mathematical sciences; chemical & life sciences; interdisciplinary sciences and engineering sciences, including its branches) they wish to submit the abstract/poster
    • Poster presenters have to put-up posters before inauguration of the poster exhibition and remove after valedictory function
    • Time slot for evaluation of posters of each discipline shall be given so as to avoid gathering of all poster presenters at a time
    • Separate domain wise expert committees comprising of 2 experts in each discipline, including KSTA members is to be constituted. Each expert committee shall select 3-5 best posters from their respective domains for oral presentation, depending upon the number of good posters presented. Evaluation process shall be started after inaugural function
    • Authors of shortlisted posters have to be intimated about selection by the first day evening. First author of the poster shall (young researchers only) make an oral presentation for 5 minutes duration.
    • Domain experts will be paid honorarium for evaluation of abstracts and posters

Expected Outcome

  • Teaching faculty, research scholars, PG science students and interested general public would receive information about new frontiers of science and technology
  • Creation of interest among students to pursue advanced research in scientific and technological fields
  • Participants could get a glimpse of how science and technology can help in developing modern world
  • Awareness about emerging and frontier technologies as well as new trends in research
  • Development of scientifically aware and informed public in all strata of the civil society
  • Public awareness of progress of Science and Technology in our daily lives, enabling a knowledge society

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