Karnataka Science and Technology Academy

Department of Science and Technology, Government of Karnataka


Annual KSTA Conference

KSTA is organising a national level annual Science and Technology Conference in association with Universities. Invited lectures on frontier areas of science and technology is being organised through eminent scientist/technocrats/ industrialist during three day event.

Vijnana Loka Science Magazine

A bimonthly Kannada Science titled ‘Vijnanaloka’ comprising of articles highlighting trends in science and technology developments is being is published for the benefit of PUC and degree students, teachers and general public.

KSTA Awards and Recognitions

A senior scientist will be honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of outstanding contribution to the field of science and technology. Also, Lifetime Achievement Award is being given to science popularisation and communication in Kannada

S&T Conference in Kannada

Organising science and Technology Conference in Kannada since 2017-’18. Fourth Science and Technology Conference in Kannada will be held in November 2020

Celebration of National & International Days

To commemorate the importance and significance of various days in the field of science and technology various national and international days are being organised in association with Universities/ Colleges.

Award for Science Writers in Kannada

In order to encourage science writing and publication of science books in Kannada, KSTA is giving state award for best writers in the field of agriculture, science, technology and medicine.

Special Lecture Series

To provide an opportunity for the students to widen the horizon of their understanding in advanced scientific research and also to encourage them to pursue career in R&D, Special Lecture Series, workshops are being organised in different subjects of basic and applied sciences for Post Graduate students. During

Certificate Courses in S&T

short term certificate coerces is being organised in frontier areas of science and engineering for students, research scholars and faculty

S & T For Specially Abled

This programs is being organised for specially abled students to bring awareness about science and technological developments among them.

Science Drama, Mathematics, Drawing/ Painting and Essay Competitions

Divisional level competitions will be held in 6 educational divisions of the state in December 2020 and the state level competitions will be held in Bengalurur during January/February 2021.

Digital Content Generation, Production of Science Capsules, Short Feature Films /Clippings

Development of digital information in frontier areas of science and technology and knowledge base. Production of talk by expert, short films and feature films in KSTA and distribution of the same to educational institutions in the backward areas through DVD/CD.

Innovation Platform

The program aims to bring the innovations by the general public in the state, especially the rural population to the mainstream

Multidisciplinary Laboratory

To create and sustain a good system of education considering diverse skills needed for the maintenance of good academic standards a multidisciplinary laboratory facility will be developed in KSTA to enable effective training for teaching faculty, students and research scholars.

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