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Innovation Platform

Innovation across all sectors of economy have been pervading and impacting our lives like never before. Referred in different terms, innovations are novel, creatively disrupt, bring in new orders of transactions and enhance efficiencies in all walks of life. With enablers as inputs and performance as the output, elements that are defining innovations in the Indian context are human capital, investments, knowledge-intensive employment, business, safety and legal environments. In each of these, the State of Karnataka is in the forefront. In order to capture innovations, both institutional and individual, the Karnataka Science and Technology Academy has established an Innovation Platform.


  • To explore and document grass root innovations in different sectors
  • To provide a platform for innovators for IP protection, validation and scale up
  • To mentor innovators for further refinements and applications
  • To establish Innovation-Industry-Business linkages
  • To organise community workshops and exhibitions encompassing innovations
  • To spread the innovation spirit among general public, through Publications and Awards


  • Establishing a Consortium of Innovators in different segments of economy, viz., Agriculture, Engineering, Energy, Industry, Service sector and so on
  • Inviting concepts, processes and products from individuals and institutions on frontline innovations towards enhanced efficiencies
  • Providing limited need based financial assistance  for refining and validating the innovations for commercial applications
  • Enabling IPM procedures for scale up; Demand assessment and matchmaking between the Innovators and Application agencies
  • Models for start ups and enterprises for knowledge-employment
  • Recognition of Innovators in different fields through Annual Awards

Administrative / Financial

  • Announcement inviting concepts, processes and products from potential innovators shall be placed on the KSTA website, with a brief application form
  • Academicians, scientists, students, research scholars, industry and farm-associated workers, as also general public can send their innovation claims throughout the year
  • The Resource Mobilisation Committee of the Academy will scrutinise the entries on a quarterly basis and recommend further action for refinement, scale up, commercialisation, financial support, etc. as indicated above
  • The need-based, limited financial support from KSTA shall be on laid out terms such as use of funds for specific purpose; report of the progress, both technical and financial; agreement with regard to due IP provisions; and MoAs (Memorandum of Agreement) as per extant provisions
  • Organisation of workshops and innovation-related meetings will be as per the provisions of the KSTA
Application/Nomination Format
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