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Science Videos and Capsules

Electronic and mass media have virtually changed our lives in recent years and provided an effective means for information, communication and dissemination. Fields of Science, Technology and Education have also been adopting these new tools for reaching out to stakeholders in large numbers. With the establishment of a Content Generation Centre at the Academy, the Karnataka Science and Technology Academy proposes to produce Science Videos and Capsule, keeping in view the science subjects at the Secondary School and Intermediate students in the State.


  • To produce Science videos pertaining to science subjects of Secondary Schools and Intermediate students in Karnataka, initially in Kannada medium
  • To produce Science capsules pertaining to emerging aspects of Science, Technology & Innovations in different segments of economy
  • To develop a database of Science writers, teachers, communicators, editors, videographers, etc. related to production of science videos
  • To impart training to post graduate students in science videos and communication, with a group of experts and mentors
  • To provide the CGC for similar functions to interested institutions on rental basis


  • Establishing Networks of Institutions of Mass communication and Journalism, Science writers, teachers, communicators, editors, videographers related to production of science videos
  • Inviting concepts and scripts from experts, individuals and institutions on associated with similar activities; Constitution of Expert Committees and Resource persons for content, delivery and costing
  • Establishing a repository of quality science videos; Database of script writers, teachers conducting classes and experiments, videographers, animators, editors and producers and related specialists
  • Production of selected science videos (20 minutes) on subjects of Secondary School and Intermediate in Kannada medium
  • Production of Science capsules (3-5 minutes) on STI topics of current interest in Kannada and English
  • Production may be sponsored, commissioned or collaborative with relevant Agencies
  • Promotion, Distribution and sale of videos and capsules to Educational institutions as well as electronic media

Administrative / Financial

  • Prioritisation of topics of Science Videos and Capsules, based on need, avoiding repetition, market, with due emphasis on content, presentation and quality
  • Formation of Teams comprising Experts/Teachers with relevant experience/Renowned Communicators, for Script writing, Script reviewing, Content delivery, Videography, Animation, Editing and Final production
  • Commissioning identified persons for script writing prioritised topics with a time frame of one month; review by two experts (one active teacher and a senior in the field); revision of the script by the writer; Interaction with the Content delivery. Videography & Editing Team; Filming in suitable locations  with teachers and students; Editing, production, multiplication and distribution
  • Financial provisions of: Rs 5,000/- for Script writing of Science Videos of 20 minutes duration and Rs 2,000/- for Science Capsules; Rs 2,000/- each for two Reviewers of Science Video scripts; Costs for other activities of Content delivery, Videography, Animation, Editing and Final production, as per the market rates and procedures of procurement of the Academy
  • Depending on the type of production, provision of logistics and financial support, after examination and approval of proposals by the Editorial Committee of the Academy, which will also fix the rentals for hiring the CGC facilities
  • The extant rules and regulations with regard to production and distribution of videos and capsules in the electronic media pertaining to copyrights and other provisions will be applicable
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