Karnataka Science and Technology Academy

Department of Science and Technology, Government of Karnataka

Small Grants Scheme/Short Term Studies

KSTA supports Workshops, Symposia and Seminars, and also short term Studies, to spread scientific awareness, specially among students; introduce teaching faculty to new horizons of Science & Technology; create awareness on contemporary issues related to Science & Society.


  • To provide information and create awareness among post graduate students, research scholars and new faculty with regard to current science topics and emerging trends
  • To inspire and encourage youth to undertake research in frontier areas; To create awareness with regard to ongoing researches in research and higher learning institutions
  • To provide information with regard to employment and entrepreneurial opportunities to students at various levels
  • Conduct of identified short term studies on current issues as approved by the Academy


  • Educational Institutions and relevant Organisations actively involved in Science, Technology and Innovations, as applicable to different areas of Society and regions in the State
  • The proposals for Small grants Scheme prepared by a designated Nodal Officer will have to be duly recommended by the Heads of Institutions and in case of NGOs, proof of a minimum of three years of involvement in relevant activities and duly authorised audit certificates
  • In case of short term Studies, the Academy will identify the topics based on suggestions by the Government of Karnataka, KSTA Executive Committee or stakeholders in different sectors of economy in the State and invite Expression of Interest from Institutions/Individuals with relevant background, the identified Individual designated as Principal Investigator

Areas of Work

  • Workshops and Expert talks for students on topics related to basic sciences and technologies
  • Refresher courses for teaching faculty in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, with regard to current trends and new horizons
  • Organisation of S&T related Workshops and Outreach programmes including essay, quiz, debates, extempore speech, art competitions
  • Efforts at enhancing scientific literacy and awareness, programmes at removing superstitions among public
  • Short term studies relating to science education & communication and related impact assessment, for duration not exceeding six months

Administrative / Financial

  • The display material including banners, invitations and certificates will duly carry the logo and details of the Academy; Details of the participants would be provided to the Academy by the Organisers
  • The budget to be provided by the Academy for the purpose will not exceed Rs 50,000/- for Small Grants scheme; and Rs 1,00,000/- in case of Short term Studies
  • The Nodal Officer will have the Programme and List of Resource persons approved by the Academy, who will be eligible for an honorarium of Rs 2,000/- per lecture of 90 minutes, with a maximum of two lectures in the programme; In case of short term Studies, the PI will have the Programme and List of the Team approved by the Academy
  • With a provision of Rs 5,000/- for the Nodal Officer/PI, the budgetary provisions shall include honorarium for Resource persons, travel costs, stationery, food & refreshments, prizes and accommodation as required, audit costs, etc. with the prior approval of the Academy, as per extant provisions
  • On completion of the work, duly certified reports including relevant photographs must be submitted within a month, along with audited accounts by registered Chartered Accountants. Wherever applicable, stakeholder feedbacks may be provided
  • At the end of the work and submission of the report the necessary utilization certificate need to be submitted to the Academy
  • Programmes could be further enriched with resources from host institutions, with prior approval of the Academy, with due publicity for the programmes
  • KSTA would undertake Third Party Evaluation of the programmes, at which time, the host institutions/Principal Investigators would provide necessary information of the programme and impact
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