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November 13: On This Day

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Edward Adelbert Doisy photo

November 13: Edward Adelbert Doisy‘s Birthday

  • Edward Adelbert Doisy was an American biochemist isolate and synthesize Vitamin K, used in medicine and surgery, a substance that encourages blood clotting (1939). For this work he was awarded Nobel Prize along with Henrik Dam in 1943
  • He developed assay techniques along with embryologist Edgar Allen. This facilitated research on sex hormones.
  • Doisy and his associates isolated the sex hormones estrone (theelin – the first estrogen to be crystallized), estriol (theelol), and estradiol (dihydrotheelin).
  • In 1936-39 he isolated two forms of the vitamin, K1 from lucerne seed and K2 from fish meal, in a pure crystalline form

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