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Prof. S. Ayyappan

The Government of Karnataka have reconstituted the Karnataka Science and Technology Academy (KSTA) on 21st April, 2020 and I deem it an honour to become a part of the institution with the legacy of Founder Chairman Late Prof. U.R. Rao, Former Chairman, ISRO/Secretary, DOS, GOI over 12 years followed by Dr S.K. Shivakumar, Former Director, U R Rao Satellite Centre, ISRO, GOI as In-charge Chairman for one and half year.  At the outset, I would like to place on record my gratitude to the Hon’ble Chief Minister, the Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Electronics, Information Technology, Biotechnology and Science and Technology, Government of Karnataka, e as well as to the Additional Chief Secretary to Govt., Department of Electronics, Information Technology, Biotechnology and Science & Technology and all the functionaries of the Department for having given  an opportunity to serve the State through this platform along with other distinguished members of the reconstituted General Body.

We are in an exciting phase of the journey of mankind, with unprecedented challenges, as also matching responses for each of us through different means and approaches. Science has been enabling explorations into an eternal mysteries that nature has in its womb as also continuous puzzles it unravels from time to time. The thought processes and actions of over 7.8 billion people on the planet Earth create new paths for sustenance, in the face of limited resources and emerging realities, both natural and anthropogenic.

Science is universal, while Technology is contextual. Innovation is the new paradigm, the triad as major drivers for a development agenda of faster, sustainable and inclusive growth. Science as largely perceived, is a subject of learning and external to us, with little realisation that every analysis, enquiry, question that we have in our daily lives.. The all-pervading spirit of Science for Societal welfare has to be only made visible and felt for recognition and appreciation. The power of the trio of science-sense-skills again has to be projected, to harness the huge talent pool as well as the demographic dividend in the State.

The KSTA, with the Objectives of encouraging basic sciences, dissemination of knowledge base, promotion of scientific temper, science communication, technology development and adoption, innovations and related approaches, has been playing a catalytic role over the years. As we go further, Science must become a way of life, manifesting the ideas already in our citizens, young and old. With a Vision of ‘Science by and for Society’ and a Mission of ‘Science-Technology-Innovation for a better Future’, we need to dispel the misconceptions with regard to several scientific pursuits and build a positive attitude to science as a solution for our present problems and future needs. ‘Foresight-Innovation-Partnerships’ becomes crucial for this venture. Research-University-Industry-Farming-Public consortia, concern and collaboration is critical for frontline S-T-I, as well as their applications in our day to day life.

Karnataka, in the forefront of the technological revolution, is uniquely placed in the Indian Science map, with institutions, both governmental and corporate, the expertise of the yesteryears and energy of today’s youth. Along with the existing schemes, here is an opportunity to embark on new programmes, address new sciences, kindle interests, enable researchers, develop greater linkages and formulate networks, build academia-enterprise bridges, communicate science more effectively through new technologies, in all disciplines of Science and branches of Technology. The Academy could play a role of a Think tank, Facilitator, Promoter, Consultant, Incubator, to spread the flavour of science and scientific temper, in all achieving synergy for wholesome scientific solutions, for a better tomorrow. The KSTA welcomes suggestions, contributions and partnerships in our pursuit of excellence and relevance for a larger common good. Let us join hands, irrespective of what you are and where you are, Science is Everybody’s Business.

S. Ayyappan

01 May, 2020 

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