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The   Google   Science   Fair   is   a   global online      science      and      technology competition   open   to   individuals   and teams from ages 13 to 18.
IRIS   is   conducting   National   Science Fair    every    year    to    promotes    and nurtures      science      and      scientific research      among      young      Indian innovators.       It       recognises       and rewards      outstanding      projects.      It provides     a     platform     for     winning students    to    represent    India    at    the Intel      International      Science      and Engineering   Fair   (Intel   ISEF)   in   the U.S.A
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YOU BLINK 15,000 TIMES A DAY The   muscle   that   lets   your   eye   blink   is   the fastest   muscle   in   your   body.   It   allows   you to   blink   5   times   a   second.   On   average, you    blink    15    000    times    a    day.    That’s about   10   times   per   minute,   or   more   than five   million   times   a   year.   Women   blink more than men.
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WHERE DOES WATER BOILS FASTER ? Water    boils    faster    at    the    top    of    a mountain    than    that    at    its    foot.    On Everest,    water    boils    at    69    Celsius degrees,   compared   to   sea   level,   where water is boiling at 100 Celsius degrees
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GENIUS        Olympiad        is        an
international    high    school    project
competition    about    environmental
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All   of   us   are   aware   that   Rs   500   and   Rs   1,000   rupee   currency   have   been
withdrawn   from   circulation   last   month   in   our   country.   The   RBI   is   taking   all   the
measures   to   dispose   millions   of   millions   worth   old   currency   notes.      In   the
same   manner,   now   get   prepared   to   dispose   countless   periodic   table   posters
which are now going become obsolete  . . . . .
The   International   Astronomical   Union,   arbiter   of   naming   things   in   space,   has now   named   227   stars   in   our   galaxy.   Before   this,   only   14   stars   (included   in   the   227) had   been   formally   named,   as   part   of   the   IAU’s   contest   to   name   notable   exoplanets and the stars that they orbit
A    group    of    MIT    engineers    led    by    Michael    Strano    has    converted    ordinary spinach    plants    into    biological    bomb    detectors.    The    engineers    implanted customised   carbon   nanotubes   into   the   leaves   of   living   plants   to   turn   them   into   a real-time monitoring system for explosive molecules.
To   encourage   meritorious   basic   science   degree   students   who   are studying   in   colleges   of   114   backward   taluks   identified   by   Prof.   D.M. Nanjundappa Comittee.
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Science & Technology Conference in Kannada --- NOVEMBER 24 - 25, 2017 --- “ Science Technology and Society” KSTA is organising science and Technology Conference in Kannada at Mysore in association with JSS Arts, Science & Commerce College, BN Road, Mysore
More Details More Details Dr. S.K. Shivakumar Former Director, ISRO Satelite Center, Bangalore