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GENIUS Olympiad is an international high school project competition about environmental issues. It is  founded and organized by the Terra Science and Education and hosted by the State University of New York at Oswego. GENIUS Olympiad will host projects in the following general disciplines with an environmental focus: •	GENIUS Science •	GENIUS Visual and Performance Arts •	GENIUS Business  •	GENIUS Creative Writing  •	GENIUS Robotics  GENIUS Science  Students are expected to present a solution using scientific methods for a problem which fits in one of the following categories :SCIENCE | Environmental QualitySCIENCE | Ecology and BiodiversitySCIENCE | Resource and EnergySCIENCE | Human EcologyEach GENIUS Science project can be prepared and presented by up to two students. Presentation of the models is highly encouraged, but not required. However, a research description paper (with data, graphics, photos, and drawings of the design concept) is required as part of the application and presentation.  For Judging criteria, application proceedure and rules visit :  http://geniusolympiad.org/index.php/categories/science  GENIUS Visual and Performance Arts (VPA)  GENIUS Visual and Performance Arts (VPA) heightens public concern for environmental problems and solutions. VPA has following two sub-categories:    GENIUS Art GENIUS Music   For more information about each category visit :  GENIUS Art : http://geniusolympiad.org/index.php/categories/vis-perf-arts/art  GENIUS Music : http://geniusolympiad.org/index.php/categories/vis-perf-arts/music  GENIUS Business   GENIUS Business raises awareness of environmental values in the business world, from bringing green products and services to market to developing a social responsibility plan for any business aiming to have a positive relationship to the society and the environment in which it operates.Each GENIUS Business project can be prepared and presented by up to two students.  For more information about different categories visit :  http://geniusolympiad.org/index.php/categories/business  GENIUS Creative Writing  GENIUS Creative Writing uses writing to raise awareness about global environmental problems and calls the public to action on solutions. Each GENIUS Creative Writing project can be prepared under the following categories and presented by only one student. CREATIVE WRITING | Short StoryCREATIVE WRITING | EssayCREATIVE WRITING | PoetryCreative writing projects are presented by reading to a live audience for 5 minutes, followed by a feedback session from judges.   For Judging criteria, application procedure and rules visit :  http://geniusolympiad.org/index.php/categories/writing  http://geniusolympiad.org/index.php/categories/design  GENIUS Robotics  GENIUS Robotics is a new category for 2017. It is a student centric competition which provides students understanding the role of engineering and research in environmental issues. Competition will be held in the following categories :  ROBOTICS | Master Game ROBOTICS | Line Follower ROBOTICS | Sumo  For Judging criteria, application procedure and rules click here
GENIUS Olympiad
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